Letting people contact you is a great way to improve the overall quality of the Helium network. Maybe someone wants to collaborate with you or wants to help you improve your reward scale? Or what if you are the person willing to help someone out?

How to get contacted?

Verify your HNT wallet so that Hotspotty knows you are a human 😀 and not a 🤖. There are 2 approaches:

  1. Search for your Helium hotspot on the map and go to the Contact owner tab where you will find the Verify wallet button. From there you can follow the steps to verify your helium wallet.

Verify Wallet
  1. You can add your wallet to your workspace and verify it from there by clicking on the 3 dots aligned at the right of your wallet address.

Verify Wallet

How to contact another hotspot owner?

First, navigate to the desired hotspot you want to message the owner from. By then clicking on the Contact owner tab, you will be able to send a message to the owner who will then receive an email.

⚠️ It is required to verify at least one wallet in the workspace to be able to contact others.

⚠️ For the user to receive the message, the wallet containing this hotspot needs to be verified!

Contact hotspot
  1. Whenever a hotspot belongs to a verified wallet, a icon will be displayed next to the name.

  2. This is the number of messages sent to this hotspot. In case no one has claimed the hotspot/wallet yet, the messages will be placed on hold until the wallet is verified.

If someone is trying to reach out to you on your verified hotspots, you will receive an email notification, so don't worry about missing any messages.

⚠️ This feature works best the more people are verified on hotspotty, so tell all your contacts to get verified!

Listing all verified hotspots in the map

Verified hotspots in the map

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