By clicking on a hotspot on the Hotspotty map, you'll find a row that contains lots of information.



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See what your hotspot is doing. The activity tab gives info about following items:


All: Shows beacons, witness info, challenges, incoming rewards and possible data transfers with IOT sensors.

Beacon: A beacon is a single transmission witnessed by any Hotspot. After a Transmitter receives the challenge, it will beacon the challenge packet. A hotspot that is the beaconer is called a challengee


Witness: Witnesses on the Helium network are Hotspots that have seen (or witnessed) a Proof-of-Coverage packet from a Hotspot. This single-stage Proof-of-Coverage challenge is also known as a "Beacon". Be aware that relayed hotspots do not only affect the hotspot owner but also the area around. A relayed hotspot will block incoming witnesses to the challenger what results in both the challenger and the beaconer not earning HNT. How to get out of relayed?

Challenger: Hotspots are chosen as a Challenger by the network to issue Challenges (encrypted messages over the internet) to a selected Hotspot, receiving 0.95% of token rewards for doing so. Hotspots can issue challenges to any location around the world 🌎, not just to local Hotspots.

Reward: Shows the history of all the hotspot mining rewards. Helium hotspots earn rewards by doing different tasks.


Data transfer: A hotspot gets rewarded data credits once an IOT sensor exchanges data with a Helium hotspot. Data credits are used by IOT sensors in order to use the network.


This tab shows the earning history of a particular hotspot. Get info about how a bad transmit scale is reducing earnings.


Reward scaling

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Contact a hotspot owner or get contacted


The hotspot id is unique for every single unit. Note that the name of multiple hotspots can be the same, those are distinguished by their hotspot address (=hotspot id).


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