Add locations via your workspace

Go over to the locations tab in your workspace and click the Add location button. In case you have a .kml or .csv file ready with locations, you can click the Import locations button.

The .kml or .csv file must comply with the following requirements:

  • The *.csv file needs to be delimited by semicolon (;) or comma (,)

  • The first line needs to have exactly the following (case-sensitive) columns:name;lat;lng;address;height

  • The name, lat and lng fields are required

  • The height field represents the installation height above the ground in meters

  • Locations for which the coordinates already exist are ignored when importing

  • The file size cannot exceed 10MB

Download example file

By choosing Add location, you will be prompted to enter the address (or drop a pin on the map). Give your location a name so that you can easily see which location it is if you come back to it later. An example would be: John's home address. Next, you can specify the antenna height above the ground in case a hotspot is located on that location.


Add locations via the Hotspotty map

  1. Go to locations on the map.

  2. Adding a location via the map is the same as in your workspace.


3. Added locations are ranked according to their transmit scale. A transmit scale of 1 is excellent, a transmit scale between 0 and 0.25 is terrible. More info about transmit scale can be found here.


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